My Platform


We need all facets of our community to continue to work together, and as Supervisor, I will continue to represent the citizens of Canton Township through the following actions:

  1. I will continue to ensure that Public Safety – Police and Fire departments continue to protect our citizens in an efficient manner. I will ensure funding is in place to maintain the best Teams and employ the latest proven technologies.
  2. I will continue to only support budget and expenditure decisions that are fiscally sound. I will provide transparency of Township spending to ensure that tax payer’s hard-earned dollars are put to best use. I will promote viable long term plans that will not require tax increases.
  3. I will continue to only support Township Board actions that are taken on behalf of our citizens that will preserve or improve our property values, quality of life, and the attractiveness of Canton as a place to work and live.
  4. I will continue to promote working with our State, County and neighboring City, Township Governments, and local school districts to produce positive results for Canton.



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